(Deadline: March 16)

Each winner is profiled for an Executive Brief book, which is distributed to Key Executives prior to the event. The book will also be used in a shortened version across digital platforms, and will reach the broader PepsiCo community. Your and your guest's photo will be used in conjunction with these books.

The Executive Brief book is a permanent record of achievements, so it is important that each winner supplies factual information. You will be asked to review and answer any questions connected to your biography. Questions, if any, precede the draft. Winners are strongly encouraged to answer questions that could help portray them in the best light.

The following applies to all biographies:

Your first name, last name, and first name all will appear on first line. This is a format for typesetting, and nothing to be corrected.

Biographies are limited to a maximum number of words, space constraints will impact the ability to include all your text suggestions.

Please spell out acronyms when returning your biography to the SPA-box. Additional acronyms will require continued research to define.


BRIAN SMITH   Brian is Senior Customer Manager, North America Nutrition Sales, North America Beverages (NAB). He joined the company in 2003. Brian completed two back-to-back years exceeding his targets at Tops grocery stores. Key elements in Brian's plans with Tops include driving innovation and display execution. These were highlighted by the successful launch of Quaker Breakfast Flats and the placement of over 160 Gatorade Pure Play racks in 2016. His customer, Tops, lists the Joint Business Plan as a leading edge, which showcases Brian's partnership and dedication to their business.

Brian partners with his customer at community outreach events, including Suicide Awareness, Mental Health Awareness, and the Amherst Police Association. He is also active in Western New York Crohn's and Colitis Foundation. Brian is a golfer and enjoys travel, movies, and learning to cook. He holds a bachelor of science degree in Accounting from Niagara University in New York. His wife, Shari, joins him as his guest.

Hobbies: Golf, Traveling, Watching Movies
Fun Fact: Visited 19 states in 17 days in 2010


"I know very well that the foundation of this company is selling. You, and thousands of others like you, have created something truly magnificent."

- - Donald M. Kendall