Please feel free to contact Noelle Comito, 2018 Ring of Honor Coordinator, at (00) 1 (914) 253-2762 or at with any questions you have prior to your departure.


Since this is a business function, each winner may bring one guest only, who must be 16 years of age or older. Only one guest may attend with you.

No babies, children or guests under age 16 are permitted. There will be no exceptions. It is imperative that you adhere to this regulation as PepsiCo is responsible for all Ring of Honor attendees and cannot be responsible for guests under age 16.


During your trip, you will be the special guests of PepsiCo. The Meeting Services team will arrange for your hotel accommodations, meals, activities and transportation connected with the events specified in the Ring of Honor program.


PepsiCo pays for your room and applicable tax at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich during your stay for the program. This is Monday night, June 4 through Thursday night, June 7 for international winners and Tuesday night, June 5 through Thursday night June 7 for United States winners. Any extensions to your stay at the hotel prior to and after these dates will be your responsibility. The hotel rate is $193.00 USD per night plus 12% tax. Room service, restaurant meals, long distance calls, in-room movies, shopping purchases, or any other incidentals will be at your own expense.


All meals will be compliments of PepsiCo beginning with lunch on Tuesday, June 5 and ending with breakfast on Friday, June 8.


You will have an opportunity to select from a variety of optional activities, which can be found under the Important Information tab of the website. Make your activity selections when you register.


Ground transportation will be provided for arrivals and departures for the Ring of Honor celebration. Travel Staff will be at New York area airports to meet you upon arrival and assist you with your baggage. Please look for our Travel Staff as you enter the baggage claim area or as you exit customs (for International travelers). They will be holding signs with the Ring of Honor logo.


The PepsiCo Activity & Travel Desk will be located at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. A representative will be available to assist you in arranging and confirming all recreational activities and transportation. A representative from American Express Travel will be available to address any of your travel needs.


It is advisable to consult with your physician regarding your personal needs whenever you plan to travel. Also, carry a medical summary card with you when traveling if you have medical problems. If you require ongoing medication or have specific dietary needs, you are advised to bring an ample supply of medication or dietary supplements in your carry-on luggage.

For special medical needs or in the event of an emergency, the hotel has qualified medical personnel on call. Locate a PepsiCo representative or contact the front desk or hotel operator by dialing “0”. Pepsico Medical staff will also be available during scheduled New York City functions

You are advised to bring your medical insurance cards or any other form of medical insurance in case of an emergency.


It is recommended that you leave your valuable jewelry at home. However, if you do choose to travel with valuable items, remember to keep them with you at all times while traveling. Do not pack jewelry in your checked suitcase. While in your hotel room, you may utilize your in-room safe or the safe deposit box located at the front desk. Always keep your items in a safe and secure place.


You will be responsible for any additional charges you incur during the program. These include phone calls, faxes, internet access, laundry service, gift shop and retail purchases, non-program related activities, mini-bar and room service. The hotel will take a copy of your credit card upon arrival and keep a separate record of your personal hotel related expenditures. Please be sure to settle your personal account prior to departing.

To cover any potential incidental charges, you will be required to provide a valid credit card in your name upon check in at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. If you do not have a credit card, you will need to provide a cash deposit of $50 per night ($200 for a four night stay). Upon check out, your deposit will be returned less any expenses you incur.


Long-distance calls made from your hotel room are assessed a standard service charge, which may seem extraordinarily high. That charge will be added to your room bill as a personal expense. It is highly recommended to travel with calling cards. International cell phone usage varies with each service provider and cell phone plan. You will need to check with your cellular provider to confirm. Don’t forget to bring your mobile phone charger.


The United States operates on 110-120 volt AC (Alternating Current) and 60 Hertz. International attendees who plan on bringing electrical appliances will need a converter or transformer.


The temperature in New York during June can range from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 27 degrees Celsius). It can be chilly in the evenings. Hotels, restaurants and theaters are always air conditioned. Rain is always a possibility.


While jet lag cannot be entirely avoided, there are a few precautions you can take to minimize the effects that the change in time zones will have on you and your body:

  • Begin to “reset” your body to the new time zone by slowly adjusting your bedtime for a few nights prior to your trip.
  • Sleep as much as possible on the airplane; when you are awake, take every opportunity to stretch and walk around.
  • Drink plenty of water on the airplane and for the first 24 hours after arriving in New York.


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